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    Left hand single shot?

    My buddyís son is turning 14 soon. With his fatherís permission I want to get him his first 22.
    Problem is this:
    His father only wants him to have a single shot, not a repeater and the boy is a lefty!
    I have zero experience with lefty guns. I assume it will have to be a bolt or a break action for a single shot.
    Are they readily available?
    I was going to get a used one but I donít know whatís out there.

    What would you guys recommend?

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    Lefty single shots are definitely available, but they are more expensive and harder to come by.

    Best bet would be to hit up a good size gun show, but you're likely going to pay.

    Maybe look at a lever or a break action?

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    +1 what Ben said

    I have a really nice old falling block single shot that would be perfect...cept it ain't fer sale
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    By the description I think the dad means not a semi auto but a bolt action mag fed would be ok. There is more of them available in the left hand configuration. Just search COG and CGN rim fires for left hand 22's.

    Savage Rascal Left Hand Bolt Action Single Shot Rifle .22 LR 16" Barrel Adjustable Peep Sight Hardwood Stock Blued Finish 13820
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    I still have a Stevens Favourite - the one that looks similar to a Browning 1885 (but in no way is a copy of one).

    It's cute. One of the few guns I could convince my dad not to sell when C-68 came in...
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    I have a later Savage copy of that Stevens, case hardened with an octagon barrel. It would be a perfect boys rifle if you could track one down. Mine's not for's reserved for a little blond girl in nine or ten years.....
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    How about one of those little badgers?
    Why does the rest of the country get first dibbs on half my income?

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    Thanks guys.
    The father is very clear on a single shot only.
    Also, he is a "wood furniture" type so the plastic is out.
    I'll have to keep my eyes on the EE I guess. I have a couple of months left ;-)

    Dewey, I will have to go and put my hands on the little badger. The pic looks something awful but it might be an option in person.

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    Pop not understand that mags don't have to be filled to capacity? The "he is a "wood furniture" type" also suggests he doesn't get that the thing is for the kid, not him.
    What's your budget? How big is the kid? Handedness doesn't matter much with a single shot. However, with a .22 it'll very likely be a special order thing
    Anschutz makes all kinds of single shot .22's, but you may not want to spend 2 or 3 grand for one. Savage appears to have discontinued the Stevens rifle line. Shotguns only on their site. There are a few Savage models though.
    Think I'd discount the Badger as a first rifle. A 14 year old will grow out of it fast.

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    Since it is a single shot only, why not simply go for a right-handed model model? Since he's gonna take it off his shoulder to reload it every time.
    anyways, the speed penalty of the mechanism being on the wrong side for him seems negligeable.
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