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Thread: Whats your rig?

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    Official GOC Pilot Qhergt's Avatar
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    Apr 2012

    Whats your rig?

    mines a 2008 Mathews Switchback

    28" draw
    trophy taker fall away rest
    pete shepley sig series 5 pin sight
    G5 meta peep

    shooting easton powerflight 400's tipped with 100g points or slicktrick BH

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    Token Female Moderator Candychikita's Avatar
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    Apr 2012
    Fraser Valley
    i've got a Darton Ranger III, Atomic Pink

    24.5 draw
    trophy ridge whisker biscuit sure shot rest
    PSE aries 3 pin sight
    not too sure about the peep (i liked the look of it)

    shooting gold tip ultralight 600's

    i love it.

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    Untouchable FlyingHigh's Avatar
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    Mar 2012
    Grande Prairie, AB
    Bowtech Equalizer

    26" draw
    Whisker Biscuit rest
    Copper John Fiber Optic site
    run of the mill peep

    i shoot Carbon Force Radial X Weave STL Hunters 150 with a 200 grain broad head usually.

    haven't shot it in ages though.

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    GOC Co-Founder jwirecom109's Avatar
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    Mar 2012
    South Central Rural Alberta
    Due to a previous injury I currently don't have a bow for a rig.
    I have a X-bow that i have set up for target, and hopefully one day hunting.

    Welcome to GOC, Site for honest, hardworking Canadians, that own firearms.

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    The Trad Guy
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    Apr 2012
    #1 selfmade hickory rh longbow,
    56# @ 28" draw to 30"
    off the shelf, no sights.
    selfmade douglas fir arrows tipped with target tips or homemade trade points or self knapped arrowheads(novaculite mostly). and a few cedars for the birds with .38/357
    casings for blunts.

    #2 soon to be made, hickory or osage selfbow (primitive)
    65#+/- @ 28"

    #3 bowtech guardian
    60# 30"draw
    trophy taker drop away
    v3 sight
    easton fmj's or goltips tipped with slicktriks

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    The Trad Guy
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    Apr 2012
    i forgot to add the leather back quiver i made for the trad gear and a alpine archery 4 arrow for the bowtech.

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    Apr 2012
    my first bow bought last year

    jennings carbon extreme xlr
    QAD ultra rest hd drop away arrow rest
    55 pound
    carbon impact hunter+ xlt arrow

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    Pirate King Edward Teach's Avatar
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    Apr 2012
    Here be dragons
    Martin Bengal.
    Hostage rest.
    Forget what the sight is...something with 5 pins.
    Know what the chain of command is? It's the chain I go get and beat you with 'til you understand who's in ruttin command here.

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    Resident Brass Whore EvilDezel's Avatar
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    Apr 2012
    North of Toronto
    2005 Hoyt Lazertec,
    Tru Glo tri sight
    31" draw
    80 lbs
    45% let off on those beautiful cam and 1/2s
    NAP rest
    Doinker 3" stabilizer
    tru ball release

    I shoot 32" carbon express cx300 heavy spine arrows with 100 grain wasp broad heads.

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    Shotgun, rifle and a 4 wheel drive! BrotherRockeye's Avatar
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    Apr 2012
    Rural Saskatchewan
    I'm old school...
    still shootin a Hi Country Safari...fingers
    Bear Razors
    did away with all the fancy bells and whistles that don't work in real hunting situations...
    Simple is best!
    We're kin cuz we shoot! What we shoot, and what we shoot at, shouldn't matter!

    "The worst an honest man can do is make an honest mistake" ~ Augustus McCrae
    There is no Justice...SUNRAY Lives

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