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    New AR-15 Semi-Automatic Standard: RCMP

    The RCMP have circulated a new memo to gun industry members advising them of a new AR-15 semi-automatic standard being used to classify semi-automatic AR-15 receivers from fully automatic receivers.

    Historically, the differentiation between fully automatic (M16) receivers and semi-automatic (AR-15) receivers has been the existence of a low- or high-shelf inside the lower receiver. Denoting the height of the milled pocket located behind the trigger mechanism, where a fully-automatic sear and disconnector would reside in a select-fire rifle, the shelf height has often been the primary indicator due to the machine work required to allow a high-shelf lower to accept full-auto trigger components.

    However, this latest memo from the RCMP looks to replace that aforementioned widely accepted international standard of shelf-height with an additional and nonsensical pocket width requirement. Early Colt AR-15 SP1 Sporter lower receivers featured a pronounced bump around the selector pin that protrudes into the lower receiver pocket, and according to the RCMP memo, “AR-15 pattern firearms which are not SP1 compliant risk falling into the prohibited firearm category as they can be easily converted to fire in a full automatic manner in a short period of time.” Due to the modern and almost universal standard of a lower receiver’s shelf-height being used to differentiate full-auto from semi-auto receivers so long, many manufacturers have forgone the needless SP1-syle machining of their lowers, and may now find themselves in the RCMP Firearms Program’s cross hairs.
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    Dupe Thread(check below this one, by jwire)
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    Odd choice of battles to pick, even if it is one of these weird internal memo things. Definitely more than a few of those in Canada.

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