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Thread: Ticks

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    Quote Originally Posted by RobertMcC View Post
    Best bet is to go after the source.. Mice/Rats..
    havnt had a mouse problem either,,, throw a live mouse into a herd of chickens,,, eaten alive, torn apart like Jasicc park raptors

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    Cats keep the mice and rat numbers down which then clear up the tick problem!

    A buddy had a big problem with field mice and ticks at his place in the country until the barn cats his neighbor got cleaned up all the field mice, he said he went 5 years without him or his dog getting a tick or having mice get into the house or shed until the coyotes got all the cats, now he claims the mice and ticks are now back in droves and he is pulling them off his dog all the time.
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    Trying this local product. Called Atlantick... Its some witch hazel, lemongrass stuff. I guess it's suppose to be safe for pets.

    I sprayed around the house ( home defense ) and dogs haven't had any ticks on them.
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