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    SilencerCo SWR Radius rangefinder

    I got one of these a few weeks back. It is a weapons mounted laser rangefinder. SWR states that it will "reliably" range to 1750 yards and (I would guess, unreliably) to 3200 yards.

    So I decided to try one out and mount it on my new C14.

    So I found a suitable mounting place for it at the left fore end of the chassis. I had to switch out my LRA F-class bipod to a spare LRA light tactical model because the F-class cradle extended above where the Radius was mounted. This place works very well for me. You can change the orientation of the display in four directions depending upon your mounting situation.

    Now to the "alignment" process. You don't "zero" it. You measure the distance from the center of the barrel bore. And then you align it that exact distance with the elevation and windage adjustment screws. Once it is parallel and the same distance from your bore center, it will track with the bore. Your scope is zeroed with the bore center in a similar fashion. It's just that the scope adjusts for distance. The rangefinder doesn't need to. Once it's aligned with the bore distance off the center, it will range any distance that the bore points at. With, in my case, a 2-1/2" difference no matter what the distance is. Easy.

    In fact, I "eye-balled" it to begin with. I ranged a berm at 309 yards. There was a target stand, that I knew the distance, that was at 304 yards in front of the berm (a difference of 5 yards). I adjusted until I was on the target stand, a 4x8 foot target. Then I used the target supplied with reflective dot to get it precise. It took a little bit of doing because the visible laser is pretty dim at that distance in daylight. So I used an ar500 6" target in front of the target stand to make the final adjustments. Using the ground below, the berm above, and the berm to the left and right. Then it was within 6" and I used the reflective dot and paper target to get it exactly 2-1/2" from the point of aim (center of the bore).

    It has a very cool continuous ranging feature. Whatever you point it at, it will range it. So moving it around is pretty cool. It also has the single ranging mode. It also will give you up to three range solutions. The first being its best, and the other two being its second and third choices. Which can be useful in certain multi-reflective environments, like hunters in the forest. It is also switchable between metres and yards.

    I must say that it is very accurate. Within a yard at 300 yards compared to my hand held unit (a Sig kilo-2). I will be going out to the mile range at Edson in a few weeks to check it out to 1600m. There was a video on YouTube about it not holding the alignment. I've had mine out three times so far. The Timberwolf kicks like a mule, and I've had no such issues. It has held every time. I just need to mount the remote switch. And I haven't decided where to mount it yet. There was one thing that concerned me. And that was battery life. When using the visible laser, the battery appeared to be draining quite quickly. But to be fair, you only use the visible laser to help align the unit to the bore. After that, it is not used. Also, using it into direct sunlight has an effect on the laser. That effect is unreliability. But every laser rangefinder has this same problem. So far, I really like it.

    I have just heard that SilencerCo has discontinued the Radius. The reasons given were poor sales compared to the R&D costs it took to develop it. It's a shame. I guess the bean counters have the final say in this decision. I sure am glad I got mine before they disappeared.

    Now, time to stretch its legs at the mile range at Edson.

    Andy 6MT
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    Update. I got a chance to head out to the mile range yesterday. I got to see how well it works at distance. Well.. pretty darn good. I ranged out to 1600m. But the unit had moved, so I'll have to re-align it. It seemed to be off very slightly. And I'm not sure if it was already off and showed up at distance or not.

    At any rate, it seems to perform very well with steel (read: very reflective) all the way out to a mile.

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    nice, thanks for the write up Andy
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