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    They still have a 43% approval rating.

    I feel stunned right now. More than I ever have before. I don't get it. I don't understand it. Everything this government does just irks me to the core. Who runs a country like this? Deficits, lies, scandal, access, refugees, terrorists, m-103, first past the post. You name it. This government has been at the thick of it. Not one decision they have made do I agree with. Maybe im limiting myself and only travel in small circles, but it seems that everyone I talk to have had their fill of this PM. Why the heck someone would remove things from the Canadian Citizenship booklet regarding FMJ is beyond me. How is this good for Canadians? How is anything this Government done for the betterment of Canada?
    I was a young boy when his father was PM. I remember my dad complaining about him. How can you expect the offspring to be any different and their followers?

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    link to liberal poll please

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    Its pretty simple actually.

    People are partisan and tend to ignore the bad and praise the good of a government they generally align with in terms of sociopolitical views. Everyone does it, even us.
    And we do the opposite when its one we don't align with.

    Also, The Trudeau government looks relatively competent in comparison to the general state of politics worldwide.

    I know you might have a hard time accepting the statements I just made given how frustrated you are with the situation, but if you keep an open mind, you might see some objectivity in my post that explains why they still have a decent approval rating.

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    pollsters are submitted to the extreme left's money too. i don't trust any polls anymore. at best polls became tools to put the uninformed on the liberal line up; so if an X poll shows the turd and its bunch of shemales on top, bet that they're not on top at all, in fact they're loosing ground.
    Quote Originally Posted by Forbes/Hutton View Post
    I was hoping he would show up and do something useful in front of the cameras. Like beat the flames out with his face.
    Quote Originally Posted by Magi View Post
    This intellectual midget needs to rub the contents of a large tube of PREPARATION H® on his ego and then smack himself with the empty tube until he's in a permanent coma. !

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    I can see sewktbk's point...but I tend to agree withBillythreefeathers and glockfan; I would like to know who ran this poll, please, and what area they polled. If they polled my town, this number would probably be slightly different.

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    Well it does not take much to make the masses happy.

    TORONTO - Prime Minister Justin Trudeau graces the cover of Rolling Stone accompanied by a provocative question in its headline: "Why Can't He Be Our President?"
    Trudeau follows in the footsteps of former U.S. presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama among the world leaders who have previously fronted the venerable pop-culture magazine.

    Trudeau is pictured with his shirtsleeves rolled up leaning against a table in the cover photo captured by Martin Schoeller.
    In a article published online on Wednesday, writer Stephen Rodrick contrasts the policies and style of Trudeau to those of his American counterpart, Donald Trump, outlining their stark differences on health care, marijuana legalization and environmental policy.
    Trudeau is quoted as telling Rodrick that while he disagrees with Trump "on a whole bunch," the pair have "a constructive working relationship."
    Trudeau adds that going out of his way to "insult the guy or overreact or jump at everything he says (that) we might disagree with is not having a constructive relationship."
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    Poll was likely only in the 905 area code.... (Toronto)

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogzilla View Post
    Poll was likely only in the 905 area code.... (Toronto)

    Remember how all the US polls had Hilary winning?
    "Never step in anything soft"
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    Quote Originally Posted by Weekend Gunslingers View Post

    Remember how all the US polls had Hilary winning?
    Well, she did win the popular vote.....

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    Poll was likely red star subscribers and cbc dipwads.

    Allow our Rightful Liberty or .....

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