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    Quote Originally Posted by Weekend Gunslingers View Post

    Remember how all the US polls had Hilary winning?
    Well, she did win the popular vote.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by soulchaser View Post
    Kate Purchase works in Justin Trudeau's PMO as his Director of Communications.
    I read something in an article (CBC I think) either today or yesterday that should have caught my attention but didn't until I just read the above now. In that article they called her Trudeau's "chief of staff".
    Liberate Hong Kong, revolution of our times [#uc# you CCP!]

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    polls are total bullshit especially liberal ones
    they will hide the truth at any expense its all about the looks
    so the people who aren't paying attention only hear snip its and not reality

    I trust nothing from the media anymore and totally understand the OP's frustration
    how can this idiot who knows nothing about anything and has screwed up this country so bad keeps handing out our money
    payed off a terrorist ran the debt up huge and raised taxes on everything possibly still have an approval rating at all .....its all a lie thats how
    Hitler had a great propaganda department everything was great for germany all the time even when they were loosing the war
    just saying...
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