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    Dillon 550 conversion kits crossover

    One of the things with the Dillon 550 to me was the cost of doing caliber conversions and thinking I needed a kit for each caliber(I'm sure Dillon likes this). I picked up a almost BNIB 550 set up for 45ACP a such a great price that conversion cost wasn't as big an obstacle.

    Unknown to me but likely old news to the Dillon fans is that some parts are common to several calibers or by mixing and match shell plates with locator buttons one can get a total greater then the sum of its parts.

    For example the following caliber share the same shell plate and locator buttons 45 ACP / 22.250 / 243 / 25.06/ 260 Rem / 270 Win / 308/30.06 (Lone-Wolf see what else you can do with your 45ACP set up)

    By strategically buying parts you can take advantage of the over laps. Also if your using a non Dillon powder dispensing method you don't need the powder funnels that come in the conversion kit.

    Link to colour coded chart

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