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    Thanks Kenny,

    I'll see what I can find and if I can will try both. Hoping to get out May 3rd as it's the only weekend between now and end of may that isn't just before two or more test.


    The purchases was a whim but figured why not...probably not something I'll shoot weekly but it does help round out the firearms 'collection'


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    Been shooting BP since 1968. Never found a bullet puller that worked. Built this one, and it worked. But made some modifications, without offending the original builder I hope, I will offer the following inprovements. A 30-06 springfield casing and a 270 Win. have the same head dia. The 270 neck will snugly fit into the mouth of the 30-06. A dab of flux and solder on the seam and voila a perfectly aligned and perminent barrel guide. You can dump the electrical tape as the sticky side usually goes west at the most inopertune times possible. Second, a couple 5/16 rubber O rings will roll into the ejector groves and are a really nice snug fit in a 50 cal . rifle barrel. Can be purchased at any auto, ag, industrial, or Rv supply store, for penny's, anywhere in North America. They are made to withstand heat, solvents and most chemicals produced in engine's fuel's etc. Will survive BP residue. Made a couple extras for 2 friends I talked into BP shooting last yr. Now I am looking for brass that will work for 45 cal.

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