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Thread: Ar15 Gas System

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark-II View Post
    ....I suppose I should stop cleaning my gas keys, then. It really never occurred NOT to, while I'm scraping carbon out of the carrier and off of the bolt.

    I probably decoke those bits too often as well.
    ^This is really the basis of the question. Carbon, combustion bi-product coke, caramelized oil/grease that i routinely clean from the bolt and carrier is enough to make one wonder what the hell is going on inside the tube? The 65,000psi comment makes a lot of sense though. The gun never skips a beat, if it ever does, I'll look to replace a) gas rings; b) check tube {restrictions}/replace tube...then maybe c) extractor worn...d) weakening recoil buffer spring?
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    Gas key you can do a little cleaning, eventually there will be some really caked on stuff in there, it's to the point where you can't even scrape it off by hand.

    I used a drill with a tiny drill bit, insert it into the gas key and move it side to side while the drill bit is spinning at a moderate RPM, it works great to break a chunks of carbon that seem welded inside the carrier key, mind you this is only after thousands upon thousands of rounds.

    To see if you have any build up, shine a bright flashlight into the gas piston expansion area of the bolt carrier, look into the carrier key and see how much light gets through, if it seems like there's only a pinhole of light you might have a constriction from caked on carbon.

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