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    Well it is never as simple as kill everything - never has been. Kill all the wolves and you have a deer problem, kill all the deer and you have a wolf problem. Solutions need to be balanced, certainly making your property somewhere that a coyotes avoid is a good idea but to do that you need survivors, if you kill the adults the next group just move in. The problem is it takes time, effort and you don't know if it will work, and lets face killing the one you see does work for that one.

    But university researchers who leave to lab for 2 weeks in the field once a year are not of much use in finding a good multi layered solution.

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    To my mind the point of shooting at eastern coyotes, at least, is to keep them shy of humans and not regarding us as two legged easy prey (which in fact most of us are). Local experience where I live has shown that if unmolested and tolerated kumbyah fashion, they will start approaching farm kids and smaller people with a view to obtaining a meal, and of course there was the case of them bringing down the folk singer girl in the federal park on Cape Breton and literally eating her alive. Seem like things to be avoided if you ask me, and a prime use of gunpowder for those of us who live amongst the coywolf populations.
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    The only downside I've come across in my years of shooting coyotes is the amount of work it takes to tan the snouts and arseholes. Done right, that's about all that's left.
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    It doesn't matter whether the gun they have is illegal or not they don't care about laws in the first place. You could make every gun illegal and you would still have these guys armed to the teeth it's not laws against guns we need laws against criminals !

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    Yeah, this artical isnt changing anything. Coyotes will still be shot at our farm.

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    most people miss the simple point, coyotes are an invasive specie and an opportunistic predator. They will take down family pets, including large dogs (most dogs have had the kill bred out of them) and chlldren (also small adults). Having a large population of coyotes is an indication of a lack of apex predators, and will also impact the beta predstors (fox, cats, and other smaller predators).
    Cull away.

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