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    I invested in the Wheeler kit - it does take quite a bit of the guess work out and let's you mount the scope level and properly the first time. It still takes patience to get it perfectly level in many cases.

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    I have the economy version, still works well, got on sale one day 1/2 price

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    I have a Weatherby Vanguard S2 with a Nikon Monarch 3 mounted on top. After having 2 places try to get it just right, I decided to buy the tools and do it myself. At least then I wouldn't have anyone else to blame but myself.

    I slid a piece of barstock into my receiver and made sure it was resting on both bolt tracks. I leveled my rifle in the rest side-to-side and front-to-back (even checked it diagonally). The elevation dial on my scope is flat on top and I leveled that to the rifle bore. I torqued the ring caps in 3 stages and checked the levels during each stage. I've also added an anti-cant level to my scope. I figure this is about as much as I could do to make sure everything is straight.

    The scope is mounted with 1-piece Talley lightweights, so I don't have a picatinny rail or individual rings to worry about, and it's a .270, so I can create a level platform in the action. Ultimately, the most important thing is to line up the vertical axes of the scope and bore.

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    This doesn't necessarily pertain to the OP's issue but i found this article on reticle perpendicularly a while back that seems to have dissapeared. Never tried it but if you want your scope to be dead nuts on i don't think you can beat it. Basically what you do is sight in your rifle to dead zero at a given distance then using a level and a sharpie draw an upsidown T on some blank paper on the target board. Take one shot at the base of the T then crank the scope turret up and take another shot with the cross hairs on the base of the T. Depending if the shot hits left right or center you can loosen the rings and tweak the scope the appropriate way. Use some tape or a dry erase marker between the rings and the scope so you can see how far your twisting it.

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    When I mount mu scopes I like to add a small drop of silicone to the underside. This allows it to dry into place and then screw it in. This way it doesnt move when tightening the screws

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    I just mount the bottom half of the rings/mount and place a spirit level across them. Level that, then install scope and level off the top of the elevation turret. Is that perfectly levelled? Probably not, but its close enough. What matters more is your reticle level with the target and your elevation adjustment tracks true vertically.

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