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    Some fears of Islam justified, human rights lawyer tells M103 committee

    Some fears of Islam justified, human rights lawyer tells M103 committee

    Islamophobia FILES Oct. 18/17
    Protesters rally over motion M-103, the Liberal anti-Islamophobia motion, on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on March 21, 2017. (Sean Kilpatrick/The Canadian Press)

    A celebrated Canadian human rights lawyer urged MPs to be careful in their use of the term Islamophobia, saying “fear of some elements of Islam is mere prudence.”

    David Matas, an Order of Canada recipient who began his career as a clerk for the Chief Justice of Canada in the 1960s, delivered testimony Wednesday before the M-103 committee hearings in his capacity as senior counsel to B’nai Brith Canada.

    “Not every fear of Islam is Islamophobia,” Matas said to the House of Commons Heritage Committee, noting that anyone who is not afraid of the various radical Islamic terrorist outfits in the world is “foolhardy”.

    “Islamophobia does not appear in a vacuum,” Matas told MPs. “It grows out of a fear of incitement and acts of hatred and terrorism coming from elements of the Islamic community.”

    The Winnipeg-based lawyer, who ran for office years ago as a Liberal, recommended the committee take a “dual focus” approach on both those victimized by Islamophobia and those within the Islamic community inciting hatred and terrorism.

    Following Matas’ testimony, Shimon Fogel, CEO of the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs, urged the committee to aim towards a more precise definition of Islamophobia.

    M-103 was nominally designed to denounce, and study, all forms of racism and discrimination, but has faced extensive controversy for singling out Islam.

    Fogel pointed to a Toronto District School Board booklet’s definition of Islamophobia that included mere dislike of political Islam as worthy of censure.

    “This incident exposes significant problems with relying on ad hoc, inadequate definitions of Islamophobia,” said Fogel.

    On Monday, Muslim author and Sun columnist Farzana Hassan told the committee her concerns about how the term is used in other countries to suppress criticism from within the faith.

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    Allow our Rightful Liberty or .....

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    So we can expect a series of op-eds and articles intent on discrediting this guy now

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    Defining a made-up word, eh?

    The true islamaphobes are the ones who are so afraid to criticize it that they seek to shut down all criticism.

    That's the true "phobia"
    Schrödinger's Gat - The logical paradox which posits that a firearm, stored safe in the home, is at the same time On The Streets

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark-II View Post
    Defining a made-up word, eh?

    The true islamaphobes are the ones who are so afraid to criticize it that they seek to shut down all criticism.

    That's the true "phobia"
    And in that the radical Muslims have achieved the goal of all their terrorist attacks, fear; fear of speaking out in truth against them for fear of violent reprisals. Without rational discussion, their true "attack" will go unnoticed until it is too late; the silent invasion by immigration and out breeding us. One day we will wake up and find that they have conquered us without firing a shot.
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    Wonder if the libs will charge Mr. Matas once it's passed. Wouldn't surprise me.

    Watched the first episode of, "gunpowder" last night and all through it made me think such freedom to oppress would be a lib and gleeful bureaucrats wet dream.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BruceW View Post
    Watched the first episode of, "gunpowder" last night
    I assume that's the BBC One 3-part-miniseries version of the Gunpowder Plot in London in 1605.

    I don't see it, even the next two episodes, on my local cable.

    Gunpowder: viewers shocked by violent scenes in BBC drama
    One viewer said she felt “traumatised” by the “hideously brutal” scenes
    ... The Coroner, said she thought Gunpowder ... was a “very good drama”.

    This title will be released on November 20, 2017 review
    This should never have been made and has no place in modern society. Persecution and violence from the start and disgusting disgraceful throughout for blood thirsty morons only. Not recommended. BBC at its worst. Attention to detail very poor and they didn't have women with cellulite back then. Atrocious not even worth one star. Blood thirsty nonsense and so unpolitically correct. Waste of licence payers money again
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    fear of some elements of Islam is mere prudence.”
    Fear isn't prudence, refusal of immigration applications is prudence.

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