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    Moose season is heavy enforcement season

    NORTH BAY/NIPISSING – The Ministry of Natural Resources will be stepping up enforcement activity in northeastern Ontario this fall as part of the ministry’s annual safety-first campaign. In particular, during the regular gun season for moose, conservation officers will be checking hunters to ensure compliance with hunter orange requirements and safe use of firearms. Fines range from $100 to $250 for offences involving these matters. In more serious cases, offenders could face fines of up to $25,000, or imprisonment, or both.

    To ensure a safe and lawful hunt, hunters are reminded that:

    All persons in possession of a firearm for the purpose of hunting must not handle or discharge it or cause it to be handled or discharged without due care for persons and property. Firearms include air guns, bows and crossbows, as well as traditional rifles and shotguns.

    Any hunting injury caused by the discharge of a firearm resulting in medical treatment by a physician must be reported to a Ministry of Natural Resources conservation officer.

    If you are in an area inhabited by wildlife, or on the way to or from an area inhabited by wildlife, you cannot have a loaded firearm in a vehicle, motorboat or aircraft or discharge a firearm from any of these modes of transportation. There are exceptions for mobility-impaired persons and for persons hunting waterfowl.

    It is illegal to shoot from, down or across a public road.

    During the period from half an hour after sunset to half an hour before sunrise, it is illegal have an uncased or loaded firearm in an area usually inhabited by wildlife. Hunters with a licence to hunt raccoons at night must have their firearms encased while in a vehicle. Consult the 2012-2013 Hunting Regulations Summary for definitions of “loaded” for traditional firearms and for bows, crossbows and muzzleloaders.

    All hunters must wear solid hunter orange clothing (minimum of 400 square inches or 2,580 square centimetres above the waist) and a hunter orange head cover, except during a “bows-only” season. Mesh-type construction vests are not acceptable.

    A hunter cannot possess a game seal issued to another person. Ontario has a new Moose Tag Transfer Policy. Please consult the 2012-2013 Hunting Regulations Summary for more information.

    Hunters must make sure they are targeting a moose for which they are licensed. They need to be able to distinguish between a bull, cow and calf moose.

    After a moose is killed, the game seal holder must immediately attach the game seal to the moose in the manner prescribed on the seal, and it must remain attached during transportation.

    Hunters must disassemble and remove any temporary structures erected on Crown land for hunting moose.

    Conservation officers may also enforce Small Vessel Regulations and sections of the Liquor Licence Act.

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    How ghey.

    I swear some of those regs were designed and written by someone who spent too much time on "Romper Room".
    There is a madness to my method!

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