We held out on offering this Stag Arms Flash Sale until they were here and landed, and they are!

Flash Sale! Stag-15 PCF Carbine $955!

This slick rifle includes with ergonomic, light and solid 15" FF PCF MLOK Forearm, Nickel Boron M16 Bolt Carrier Group, the very effective Stag Arms Miculek type muzzle brake, ambi sling mounts and more. Regular price $1499.00 Sale Price $955.

Choose your upgrades as you purchase including Triggers: ALG ACT and Geissele Automatics triggers (Including Super 3 Gun and SD3G!), Furniture, Grips and Sights from Magpul and ERGO. We expertly install free of charge with purchase and include your original parts in the box.

A sweet setup at an excellent sale price. We hope you like them. Any questions, please let us know.