Over the last few years the organizers at SHOT have had many complaints from legitimate attendees about the number of people that are allowed into the show that really have no business being there, taking up valuable time and resources from the companies who spend HUGE money setting up booths in order to attract orders from re-sellers.
Having been many times to SHOT can say that IF the organizers were to vette the attendees better the crowds, which are daunting, would be less and overall the show would be better.
2 years ago there were literally hundreds of US forces personell wandering around at the show along with a ton of LE personnel. I have a hard time buying that a private 1st class would be doing much in the way of procurement or purchasing for the Defence Dept.
The show is short and intense and it takes all you have to see it all, the more looky loos just makes it harder for those of us who are there for work.

Now that being said there is also a huge collectors show usually on the weekend of SHOT that IS open to the public and well worth the price of admission.