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Oh man I was looking at the scores, my scores fell off a cliff after lunch lol
Great meeting you, hopefully I'll be back next year too. Great day, long day!

Also, that lady DFO officer shot the lights out
Same, I could have shot alot better. I got like 2 and 1/2 hours of sleep because I decided to put onions on my pizza I made. Which brought back the indigestion, ulcer/Gerd, whatever I got.

I was contesting a score, from stage 3, and was going to take a miss, because we couldn't figure out what the guy wrote. But lucky I wrote that tally down for that stage. So we fixed it. But I had to run back to the line, and shoot. Blew that barricade stage. And last couple kneeling really killed me. So I could have taken 2nd place. Always next years if I'm still in Marksman div, or if Ill move up.

Hopefully you come down next year.

Already looking at new sights for the CZ.. I'm using a thin fiber front, with wide blacked out rear night sight.