the cornwall handgun club will be having a winter military rifle match on Saturday nov 25th. The morning match will be vintage rifle. To qualify, a rifle must be an unmodified military surplus rifle of WWII or older design. So any military rifle (single shot, bolt action or semi-auto) designed before 1946. Rifles must be in "as issued" condition. It cannot be sporterized, scoped or restocked in plastic or otherwise. Iron sights only. And yes, an SKS just makes the okay list as long as the stock is the issued stock and the bayonet is still attached. The afternoon match will be an open division. Anything goes. Any rifle used in the vintage match plus anything sporterized, any hunting, target or sniper's rifle, any modern rifle like an AR15, M1A, M305, CZ 858, Tavor, Swiss Arms or the like. Scoped or iron sights. Bipods are okay but must be attached to the rifle for the entire match. Same rule goes for scopes. The course of fire is the same for both matches. 50 shots total. 10 shots standing. 10 shots kneeling 10 shots sitting 10 shots prone 10 shots snap for a total possible score of 500. We will count X's if there's a tie for first place. Targets are the 50 yard slow fire pistol target. (the black dot is 8 inches in diameter) 9:00am till 9:45AM for sighting in 9:45 to 10:00 for intro and instructions Vintage match to start at 10:00 (we hope) Lunch around 12:30/1:00pm Open match to start 1:30/2:00pm Cost is $5 bucks a match Winners of the matches get to brag about their win all they want. It would be a very good idea to bring a mat for shooting prone For those coming out of town/province that need an invitation for their ATT, please email at