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    Girsan MC 28 parts and accessories?

    Hey all. just bought a 9m girsan mc28 but am having a hard time finding parts and accessories, even a holster, does anyone here own one? and where can i find anything for this? thanks in advance.
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    should fit a S&W M&P holster

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    I have the MC-28 and the M&P Holster and it fits perfectly.

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    It's made in Turkey and is a Smith M99 M&P clone. Talk to the dealer you bought the thing from about parts. A lot will depend on what you call 'parts'. Ten round mags are running $40 Cdn. Easily found with a net search.

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    It can be worth taking a look on Amazon Canada for holsters. I was able to get an Uncle Mike's Pro-3 Kodra duty holster for $70. (Prior to that I saw them listed for around $160-$240.) So if you're patient and keeping a look out you can find some good deals. I don't think you'll be able to get magazines on there... but for accessories like holsters, magazine pouches, belts and things like that you can sometimes get a pretty good deal on items that you might not be able to find at a local gun shop. Or if they do stock them the cost might be a fair bit higher.
    (Don't get me wrong, I like to support my local gun shop within reason. But I'm not spending $100 extra on a holster if I can get the same one somewhere else at a more reasonable price.)

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    With a slight modification to CZ 75 mags, they will fit both guns.

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