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    Mowrey Gun Works Inc muzzleloader kit ( Allen & Thurber)

    Was wondering if anyone has come across one of those muzzleloader kits anywhere? If so , what was the going price for it? Seem to be unable to even locate an image of one still in kit form.


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    The last one I saw still in kit form went for $400 US a few years ago. If it is put together and finished , they normally sell for $250-$300 US.
    So your rifle is worth more unassembled that than put together and ready tp fire.
    I have no idea what it is worth in Canada. I should also mention that the Mowey Rifle is the most under rated muzzle loader you can buy price wise. It is quite common to have these rifles print a clover leaf at 100 yards. ( I used to order Mowrey barrels for making target muzzle loaders)
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    Thanks for the info. Think it might be a toss up on leaving it as is or putting it together. Guess it will book down to what cal the barrel is.

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    if you're looking at it as a collector, it'll never be worth more than in "untouched" condition as a kit

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    Finally got home to check it out.
    Barrel is 45 cal in a 1 in 60 twist ( was hoping for either a 36cal or a 54cal barrel )
    Serial number 7731
    Paper work saying that it was made in Texas, and the news paper that was wrapped around the brass forestock is dated Dec 1977.
    Even had an extra main spring in the parts bag.
    The 45cal is one that I don't have as yet so I am leaning towards putting this one together.

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    Has a real interesting look with all that brass (In a good way).
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    Build it and enjoy it.
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