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    Last update was 6 months ago. Seems a bit sketchy to me. Some of the "needs" seem unrealistic:
    - Securing specific office space.
    - Staffing: researcher.
    - Staffing: legal assistant.
    - Seeking & interviewing persons with relevant experience e.g. first responders, sportsmen/women, tradesmen/women who use knives on the job.
    - Taking inventory of "big box" Canadian knife retailers re: the knives they carry
    - Seeking & interviewing various Canadian knife retailers about their experience/procedures importing knives before and after the CBSA policy change.

    I sent money too at the time. I doubt it's going anywhere. I am surprised that the knife sellers in Canada are not involved in this, but perhaps that's because they don't want people buying directly from the US. They'd rather they were the only source.

    I just sent her an email. Let's see if she responds.

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    Well I'm no expert, but I'd say it is dead in the water.

    My two cents is if you actually need $110,000 to fight this and you got less then $10,000, it's a fail.
    Also you're not much of a lawyer if you don't actually have an office and this sounds like someone who is using this cause to establish a base of operations. I don't have much confidence in this operation.
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    Agreed. I suspect it's dead. But let's see what she says.

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