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    ANNOUNCEMENT: Cabin Fever Challenge 2018

    I shot this with a CZ-550-FS 30-06 last year BUT came dead last - THAT'S FINE.
    This year I'm going to challenge it with a ZKK-600 IN 30-06 and see if I can improve my performance.
    I'd sure like to show these service rifle shooters what a good hunter can do.
    Any of you guys and gals game?

    ANNOUNCEMENT: Cabin Fever Challenge 2018

    If your name isn't on the list of champions then the following may be true:
    1. You have not challenged this competition previously;
    2. We have had a coms failure (please visit the Facebook Group - link below)...
    3. This is a developmental opportunity

    #1: If you can't do it safely don't do it.
    #2: Don't nominate someone unless they have the skills and drills to be safe.
    #3: Shooting can commence immediately however admins will not start compiling scores until March 1st 2018
    #4: You must post a link to your video submission below.

    Class 1 Vintage: VZ-58 (stock), M305, M1A, AG42, VZ-52/57, SKS / M1 Carbine, M1 Garand, SAFN, AK47 (stock), etc

    Class 2 Modern: AR15 / TAVOR / Swiss Arms / XCR / FAMAE 542 / T97 / SL8 / TRICKED OUT AK47 / VZ58 / SKS / Other (see below)

    Class 3 All Bolt / Lever & Pump Guns

    a. VINTAGE: Rifles as issued to the infantry soldier - No significant modifications are permitted.

    b. MODDED or TRICKED OUT Vintage rifles may have (but not limited to): Any red dot / optical sights, extended mag release, modified stocks, magwell modifications, etc... There is a grey area around tricked out Vintage platforms but essentially any Vintage semi-auto that has been significantly modified beyond what a would have been used by the infantry soldier is modified and 'tricked-out'.

    If in doubt about about the eligibility or classification of a particular rifle please send me a PM on facebook.
    All shots are unsupported, no rests or bi-pods (use of a carrying sling as a hasty sling is OK). Distance to target 100 yards/meters. Target is an 8" circle (free target below)

    Course of fire is 20 rounds: 5 rounds standing, 5 rounds kneeling, 5 rounds prone, 5 rounds sitting. Mandatory reload with five round charger/magazine/stripper clip between each position change.

    Time is calculated from first shot fired to last shot fired.

    Score is 5 points per shot on a 8 inch diameter circle, bullets that cut the perimeter of the circle count as hits, bullets outside the circle are misses.

    (Hits on 8" X 5)
    ----------------— X 100 = Score
    (Time in Seconds)

    The challenge opens March 1 2018 and closes April 1 2018. The winner will receive bragging rights (and might) receive a prize.

    Please post a link to the video of your entry at our facebook page located HERE

    You can use the target below if you wish. It should be 8" if you have "Fit to Page" unclicked in printer properties.

    Maple Leaf Up and....

    Thanks for Subscribing and Maple Leaf Up

    To donate to the Riflechair Adventure Channel

    Riflechair on Facebook

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