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    Carbon ring and cleaning

    I've read various things on the 'net about cleaning the carbon ring at the end of the chamber just before rifling starts.

    After a regular cleaning I looked at the area on a 22 Mag which has fired only 200 rounds in its life. I could see a couple of black looking burrs and a black ring in that area.

    I put some solvent in the chamber end and slid in a cleaning rod. Then I attached a brass bore brush at the bolt opening and did some plunger actions just in the beginning of the barrel and chamber end. When I pulled the brush out the barrel end there were quite a few shiny bits - probably from copper washed ammo. I repeated that and once more pulled through with a squeegee and G96. I can still see a dark ring, just as I can on an almost new rifle.

    I think there is always a dark ring visible from the bolt end where the chamber ends. It seems logical that if anything is going to be coming away from the explosion other than the bullet itself, most of that would happen at the chamber end.

    I'm not sure if I saw carbon ring, but I did find that the plunger action at the chamber end of the barrel helped loosen way more crud.

    If anyone is going to respond to this with bore scope photos, I have never been able to get anything out of those. It is like looking at x-rays to me - I don't know what I'm looking at.

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    A tight fitting and well oiled patch tells me everything that I need to know about the state of rimfire barrels and chambers by feeling for rough or tight spots.

    Some guns never seem to need cleaning and others I swear I remove most of a bullets worth of lead within 500 rounds.
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