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    I'd like one of the brown ones. Nice looking rifles!
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    Quote Originally Posted by SFscratch View Post
    I want one that I can take to the range, that would be nice! Too bad it won't take the original waffle mags. I expect it will be a long time before they are allowed in Canada, likely sold out before that happens. How would one know if and when that happens?
    Wolverine Supplies said they'd be working on getting an NR frt.

    Their instagram:

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    Most excellent!

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    Another interesting offering. If it’s nr that is.
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    Hey any news? I want one!! I’ve read that it would be possible to import it from Brownells. Only some paperwork to do. The barrel has 20” so, I think it would be NR. Anyone has done that?

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    I would contact Wolverine Supplies and see what they have to say about the results of their effort. The firearm has to be registered with the RCMP - could take years. They arbitrarily classify weapons with their hocus pocus majic , it has nothing to do with barrel length.
    Importing a firearm from the U.S by yourself is a bit more complicated than filling out a form.
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    I know of a restricted AR that was imported into Canada a couple years ago. It needed a new FRT and the importer got one in less than a month??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Julien View Post
    The barrel has 20” so, I think it would be NR.
    hille that would be nice but a 20" barrel in itself will not make it NR.

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