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    Quote Originally Posted by Billythreefeathers View Post
    hope they do my house first,, nothing to lose,, you don't need to know that
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    ^^^ I guess I'd better warm up the backhoe, I'll need a bigger hole ^^^

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    Quote Originally Posted by Malus View Post
    More than likely the communist CBC working hand in hand with other globalist news agencies will write/televise that the registry was a success and that compliance was 90%, encouraging other provinces to do the same. While at the same time doing no knock raids on every gun owner house (one at a time with a full swat team) and arresting otherwise law abiding citizens, confiscating their private property, banning them from firearms for life under penalty of incarceration and penalizing them (government needs money to fund the project) with monetary fines and possible jail time. This is just the tip of the iceberg.....
    Do you mean just like here in Ontario when some firearm owners failed to renew their PALS? Gee,whoda thunk that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Billythreefeathers View Post
    OK,, so what can we do to help our Quebec brothers and sister gun owners? besides sending money to any number of gun owner groups
    I would volunteer to "hang on" to any Quebec gun owners firearms for them. They could "transfer" them to me for safekeeping, and we could meet to let them take them for hunting and shooting, of the less than 45 day limit (can't remember the exact number of days) that they set.
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