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    New Bushnell Legends! Best Bang For Buck Hands Down!

    Just put one of these on the father in laws first rifle. A budget build Savage Axis, so not willing to spend a fortune.

    Apparently these have become the replacement for the 3200 Elite series, and have a few extra features.

    3-9x40 was $229 with a $50 mail in rebate!

    Side adjustable parallax
    Decent, but not great eye relief
    Solid click adjustments
    Glass is about the same as my 3200
    Very well made

    Has it bore sighted, and only took 3 shots to zero. Adjustments were bang on.

    For the money after that mail in rebate this thing can't be beat for that kind of money!

    I have a redfield 2-7 and while it is a good scope this one is better, assuming it holds up, but I have had great luck with my 3200 3-9 after lots of abuse.

    Check em out!
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    Quote Originally Posted by mlehto View Post

    Apparently these have become the replacement for the 3200 Elite series, and have a few extra features.
    If that's the case, they are one heck of a scope.

    I have an original Bausch and Lomb 3200 scope, and it is higher quality than the Bushnell 3200 scopes, IMO. It rivals my Bushnell 4200. I'd hate to see the product line go downhill any, but I'm confident that Bushnell still makes a good product.

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    My thought are the Zeiss conquest 3x9 on sale for $485 is the best bang for the buck. I haven`t been impressed with the Bushnell line of products lately.

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