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    Quote Originally Posted by IJ22 View Post
    One thing about starting out in IPSC is it made me realize how much practice is required to do well. I haven't been putting in the time so I suck.
    And there isn't anything like a linear relationship between practice and skill. A lot of us have to suck to make the keeners look good.

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    Hi just bumping this to see if anyone has new info?

    I tried the same websites, they actually took the course schedule link down. I also emailed the course organizer multiple times last few months with no response...

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    Also called them and tried contacting this contact multiple times...

    A bit depressing...

    Black Badge Coordinator/Membership Director
    John Evers
    I.P.S.C. Ontario
    7030 Woodbine Avenue
    Suit3 500
    Markham, Ontario
    L3R 6G2

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    Good day, fellow shooter. Your first move should be to join a gun club that host's IDPA/IPSC matches,
    Example, ( Target Sports Canada ). Second you need to show you've shot 1000 rds plus on the handgun you plan to use. Third you need to hit a piece of paper 10 out of 10 shots. And I believe the size is 30x30 cm, not inches. Until then don't even bother, I've contacted IPSC via email just last week
    " as stated on website as the only way to contact " and exchanged email conversation with Mr.Evers, promptly returned my email very accommodating and professional manner.

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    Just to correct some information above:

    1) Target Sports (actually called Calibre Gun Club) has never offered Black Badge Courses to my knowledge. They run an IPSC night on Tuesdays, IDPA on Wednesdays. On the IPSC night which I sometimes attend, it's very busy, and I doubt you would be able to participate. Also, those are not real matches, but practice sessions. As far as I know, Calibre Gun Club has never run a real match or offered a BB course.

    2) I don't believe there are any requirements such as 1000 rnds though your gun. How would you ever prove that? I also never ran into the 30x30 10/10 thing either when I did my BB nearly a decade ago. I suppose that could have changed, but I doubt it.

    I definitely agree that a newb to shooting, with a recently purchased gun, will not pass the BB course, either in terms of safety or in terms of minimum required skill.

    However, most of all, it is important to know that action shooting is the most fun you can have with a gun, and it's worth the effort to have sufficient skill, and spend the necessary time, to be able to enjoy this during your free time. At least for as long as Justin Trudeau lets you.

    Right now, on the IPSC Ontario calendar I see a BB course ongoing in Wentworth currently, in Algoma for May 4,5, and in Frankford May 13,14, but I know that sometimes those courses get cancelled (? because of lack of participants?)
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    Pardon the mistake, qualifiying matches are not held at TSC. They are held in places like, Sharon Ont, Waterloo, Valcartier, Crumlin, etc. 9 out 10 on paper at 20 yds.

    The Black Badge Program is not designed to teach people "how to shoot", but to teach novice shooters how to be safe with a firearm under different circumstances such as under time restraints, the use of a holster, or while moving and carrying a gun in the hand. It is extremely useful if the individual taking the course has had some formal training in the use of a handgun by way of a club level handgun safety course. There is a prerequisite that the student be capable of hitting a 30 cm x 30 cm target 9 times out of 10 on their own time at 20m using both hands. It is also recommended that they have fired at least 1000 rounds through the firearm they are using for the course. Look under policies and procedures.
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