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    Mounts, What Makes a Good One?

    So I have this Nikon Blackforce 1000 that I want to mount on my AR15.

    I expect I need a 30mm cantilever, preferably a one-piece with a decent bit of rise.

    Whatís the difference between the cheapo $40 Chinese mount I have on hand and the $150-$200 Nikon/Vortex ones Iím looking at getting?

    Could I mess my scope trying out the cheapo mount?

    As you mightíve gathered, Iím not too experienced with optics, so any guidance is appreciated.

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    doubt you could hurt the scope (outside of severe alignment issues) but manufacturing tolerances would affect zeroing

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    ADM is a good middle of the road brand which will hold it's value better if you ever choose to sell it.
    Canadian retailers seem to be unwilling to stock this brand reliably for some reason.

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    Burris P.E.P.R.. Great value. Great quality.

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    I prefer vortex/seekins rings. I use them on everything from 22 to 50bmg. If you feel the need to burn money check out Spuhr mounts/rings.

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