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    Project Gevarm.....

    So as I anxiously await the street sweepers to kick off bike season and start to get ready for spring bear I thought my old Gevarm might be an interesting diversion.....

    How tough to get the crinkle off the receiver and do you think it would polish up well? Anything that can be done with the trigger? Polish up the bolt Y/N? I'd like to try and adapt a peep, the wood should be straight forward.... Any suggestions welcome, poor old gal doesn't come out much anymore, was thinking a facelift would get me to trot her out a bit more.

    It is a slender, trim rifle in the hands.



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    likely be able to remove the finish but I'm unsure if it would polish very well. If you don't like the wrinkle, get it cerakoted after smoothing

    iirc there was some issue with sear modifications on some Gevarms

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    The receiver is a non-ferrous die casting. I suppose it could be stripped and recoated.

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    i would keep it original.

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    "...get the crinkle off..." It's worth a great deal more as it is. They're kind of a niche market for collectors. However, a brass wire wheel in a bench grinder will likely take it off. It's just paint. A light touch and eye protection is essential. It'll need a complete disassembly too. Do not lose any parts because you will not be able to replace 'em. Gevarms haven't been imported since 1970. The rifle is basically a failed 9mm SMG that got turned into a commercial .22.
    No idea what the receiver is made of, but a magnet will tell you if it's steel.
    "...adapt a peep..." Any peep that uses the scope grooves will do. Issue will be the height matching the front sight. You will not find anything specific to a Gevarm though.
    The trigger and sear are powered by individual coil springs. Changing the trigger spring will reduce the pull. Messing with the sear spring can make the nice little .22 into an evil automatic weapon.
    Oddly enough, Marstar is showing original 15 round mags as being in stock. Kind of pricey at $62.50 each though. Very much doubt you'll find 'em anywhere else though. Not even Gunparts, Stateside.

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    Yes, whatever you do, don't drill a hole through the trigger group and install a pin that prevents the sear from sliding back and resetting, after the bolt is released to fire the rifle. If you do, and you have the 20 round magazine, you will experience the odd sight of 10 .22 LR casings falling to the ground at the same time, each time you pull the trigger. Nasty.

    I saw a guy shooting a Gevarm that did this for some reason. I was appalled, simply appalled.

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    The receiver is aluminum so I wouldn't use a wire wheel on it. When I want to refinish the receiver I just spray spray black paint over the original paint. Installing a peep sight on the receiver would be a waist of time just like installing a scope on the receiver is a waist of time, it would not stay sighted in because it is a take down rifle and the barrel tends to move. If you want to make it more accurate glass bed the barrel and put a pistol scope on the barrel like I did with mine. Now it is more accurate and it stays sighted in because when the barrel moves the scope moves with it.

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    Please do not ruin this rifle.

    It doesn't matter whether the gun they have is illegal or not they don't care about laws in the first place. You could make every gun illegal and you would still have these guys armed to the teeth it's not laws against guns we need laws against criminals !

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