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    Air raid siren wanted

    I am looking for an air raid siren. Anyone have one or know where one is??

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    not far enough
    DND removed most of them starting in the late 70's because they weren't being used and no funds were allocated for their maintenance.
    Of any that are left, you may get the runaround trying to find out who even owns them anymore.
    Are you sure it's legal to install or use one? Or is this a search for some kitsch for your rec room?

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    $7 and up on EBay

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    Are you looking for the giant ones that are run by a generator? Kamloops, BC actually had a couple left into the early 90s (might have been the late 80s). I remember seeing a couple around the city when I was a kid and they did a couple tests of them. Then they were removed.

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    I live among the creatures of the night (Edmonton)
    Like Sir Veyor said...ebay. Tons of them on there.
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    There's also youtubes about how to make your own.

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    I'm also looking for one to restore and display, maybe with a searchlight. Been poking around a little with no luck, although there are components here and there. I think various municipalities have them rusting away, just need to make the connections to get my hands on one.

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