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    Order Declaring an Amnesty Period (2018): SOR/2018-46


    March 20, 2018


    P.C. 2018-301 March*20, 2018

    Her Excellency the Governor General in Council, on the recommendation of the Minister of Justice, pursuant to subsection*117.14(1)footnotea*of the*Criminal Code*footnoteb, makes the annexed*Order Declaring an Amnesty Period*(2018).

    Order Declaring an Amnesty Period (2018)Definition of*firearm

    1*In this Order,*firearm*means any of the following prohibited firearms:

    (a)*a SAN Swiss Arms Model Classic Green Sniper rifle;(b)*a SAN Swiss Arms Model Ver rifle;(c)*a SAN Swiss Arms Model Aestas rifle;(d)*a SAN Swiss Arms Model Autumnus rifle; and(e)*a SAN Swiss Arms Model Hiemis rifle.

    2 (1)*The amnesty period set out in subsection (3) is declared under section*117.14 of the*Criminal Code*for a person who

    (a)*on the day before the day on which this Order is registered, possessed a firearm and held a licence that was issued under the*Firearms Act; and(b)*during the amnesty period, continues to hold a licence while in possession of the firearm.

    (2)*The purpose of the amnesty period is to permit the person to do any of the following during that period:

    (a)*possess the firearm;(b)*deliver the firearm to a peace officer, firearms officer or chief firearms officer;(c)*sell or give the firearm to a business including a museum authorized to acquire and possess prohibited firearms; and(d)*transport the firearm for the purposes of paragraph (b) or (c).Amnesty period

    (3)*The amnesty period begins on the day on which this Order is registered and ends on February*28, 2021.

    Coming into force

    3*This Order comes into force on the day on which it is registered.
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    duplicate thread

    (although perhaps it belongs in both sections -- Bill C71 and Swiss Arms -- I think the swiss arms section is really the out-of-date/PreviousAction one)

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