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Thread: Todays pick up

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    Todays pick up

    Just thought I would share what I picked up today locally.

    Full wood No1 mk3 bsa made. FTR in 1953 all numbers match except the mag.(as far as i can tell anyways)

    And it came with 60 round of 303 as a bonus. All for the whopping price of $360

    Couldn't be happier, was wanting to restore a enfield but this was way better.


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    Nice! I want an Enfield in it's original configuration. But I'm not interested enough to pay the ludicrous prices everyone is asking. You got a good deal!

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    I was in the same boat, just the wood and such before the rifle to restore is about what I paid for this one.

    Good deals can be found still, just gota look

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