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    Meme fight! - Infographic/Meme Repository

    A little side project from OCV. Ever see or hear anti's saying firearm homicides went down after gun control legislation? Well we know better! In recent weeks we've been slandered by some in the MSM and alt-left media as "Canada's NRA" or simply "the gun lobby" as if we are evil and are trying to fool the public. The opposite is true. The anti's claims are false. Anyway, I got busy with the stats and a photo editor and came up with this for people to use in rebuttals or whatever on social media.

    Some points for the inevitable comments:
    - firearm-related homicide was falling rapidly years before Firearms Acquisition Certificates were introduced
    - if someone points out the rate of reduction increased after C-68 you can point out firearms-related homicides increased after licensing and the long gun registry were introduced and it fell after the LGR was repealed
    - note that the most recent uptick looks like it is almost exclusively linked to gangs
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