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    Tucker Carlson takes on and destroys anti-firearms candidate

    If I haven't said this before, what Canada needs is more Tucker.

    "All organizations that are not actually right-wing will over time become left-wing." --John O'Sullivan (1989)

    CSSA, NRA, and OFAH (yeah, I know)

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    Love this!^^^ Called him out on his lies, designed to do nothing more than scare the sheeple and get him votes. We need so much more of this; time to put honestly and honor back into government. I'm sure glad this D_____bag is no longer a police officer, I'm sure he was one of the worst ones.

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    "I must ask, if the argument for gun control is so strong, why does it always need lies to support it?"
    - Anne Wilson, Meadow Creek, B.C.

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