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    Are soldiers all issued side arms nowadays or is it still just for officers ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LB303 View Post
    Just my two cents, but for recreational shooting Glocks are no better than anything else.
    Not criticising Glocks, if you like them, go for it. Tried it, just not in love with it.
    Not the most comfortable grip for me. And the trigger wasn't so special.
    Reliable, light weight, yadda yadda OK I get why they're popular with those who carry as part of their job.
    For most of us, Canadian reality is, they print carry permits on unicorn hide, so weight is a non-factor.
    Mag capacity is a cruel joke. Reliability is not life-or-death at the shooting bench.
    So to me the field is wide open for range handguns.
    Met someone at the range once who let me try his Salient Glock.
    That was like a whole different gun. But for $2500 it should be.
    Sorry for raining on the parade.
    No need to apologise, there are many fine pistol designs for standing and shooting at paper and no one would say a Glock meets everyone's needs. It's just that not every design meets everyone's ideal design specifications.

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    To me, Glock triggers are crap and their pointability was garbage. Can't remember if they were too high or too low for my liking, but they never pointed well for me
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