No seriously, I think it actually is. I have my full review here, but my reasoning is thusly:

It was (a tiny bit) more accurate:

It was as reliable (they both are).

It's more modular and more adaptable due to the design of the bolt and barrel assembly. I suspect RPM will have an M-Lok handguard out in no time, and the barrel would be incredibly easy for an AR barrel manufacturer to produce... it appears to be an AR barrel sans barrel extension shoulder, and with a rifle-length gas port. Basically, making one is an exercise in exterior profiling. And since the barrel extension threads on completely, there's no weakened area where the barrel extension meets the shoulder on a conventional AR barrel, so it's even stronger.

And most freaking importantly... it is ACTUALLY AMBI. No BS ambi kit required. No inability to fire it off-hand. It's nearly the exact same gun left- or right-handed with zero modifications, and the only thing that you need to adapt to is the charging handle being on one side or another.

Full review: