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    Pretty odd. From the reports I seen with the factory 102 barrel, I wouldn't expect much.
    Jerry @ Mystic Precision with a rebarrel, has one singing.

    Has someone else gave the scope a look see, see if they notice the same?
    I had a diamondback scope that I wasn't overly impressed with. I'd take a prostaff5 over it.(and did)
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    Quote Originally Posted by JustBen View Post
    Hmm, I’d think a cantilever mount would be fine...

    Is this that Diamondback that I sold you? I know that scope was good.

    A cheaper option is to move the scope to a different rifle that you know shoots well.

    Ya, same one. I'm more inclined to blame the rifle or my eyes. Maybe the recoil is jarring my brain loose lol.

    Kinda grasping at the last straw before I have to deal with the reality of a crap rifle.

    For reloading I was hand weighing each charge to the kernel, to the best precision of my eyes and scale. Been doing this long enough that I know how to make acceptably good ammo without taking things to the extremes that a bench rest shooter would.

    BCL said to send it in, so that's the next step.

    Pretty unimpressed considering that long thread where the NEA guy detailed everything they had done to improve their quality.
    Can't blame it on rushed product. Not when delivery is months behind.
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