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    Feds spent $30K to rename Future Skills Lab then decided on Future Skills Centre

    The federal Liberal government spent more than $30,000 to come up with a better name for its Future Skills Lab job training agency and settled on Future Skills Centre instead.

    The idea and original name, generated by Finance Minister Bill Morneaus council of economic advisers, were announced in the 2017 budget.

    Internal government documents from earlier this year noted one small problem: No one had focus-tested the agencys name.

    Participants in a public opinion poll commissioned in early February preferred calling the lab a centre instead. The final report, which cost $30,480, recommended a short and straightforward name.

    The centre is supposed to start operations this year, but the government is giving groups until next week to submit proposals for running the arms-length agency.

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    The tax payers got more than groped on that one.

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    That was just the cost of the study. It'll cost more to change all the letterhead, the signs, admin changes for taxation/payroll, business cards. Canadian government and it's various departments are the biggest money pit this country could ever dream of having.
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    these guys are such a smokin deal

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