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    Does not work for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MarkR View Post
    Does not work for me.
    Have you tried turning it off and on again?

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    Ministry of Public Safety informed Madame Provost that she may both lobby and be on the Advisory Committee, January 09, 2017
    -- ATIP (2017/09/09)

    Canadian Firearms Advisory Committee meeting March 1-2 2017; May 9 2017
    Topics that they are briefed upon and asked to consider, resemble the Bill.
    -- from A-2018-00029.pdf at

    Heidi Rathjen's and Ms. Provost's lobbying letter was sent November 24, 2017.
    -- from Tracy Wilson. Tracy notes that several things they ask for in this, end up in the Bill

    Bill C-71, First Reading, March 20, 2018

    PolySeSouivient SECU Brief May 2018

    What are the odds that she used her insider information from what was presented during the Canadian Firearms Advisory Committee meetings, as the content in her next letter. It's one thing to lobby independently on the same topic. It's quite another to use the information that others don't have to lobby.

    Note: it's ok to appear before SECU Committee, and to write a SECU brief -- by that time everyone's seen the bill and there's no insider information any more, and if they're expert enough to be members of the Advisory Committee they should also be expert enough to make comments at the SECU Committee.

    Note: In granting her permission to be both, I note one of the things that the government considered was if the government would be giving her any money for lobbying or entering into any contracts, and it was asserted that because she wasn't getting paid, it was ok to do both.

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