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    Justin Groper – Trump Derangement Syndrome

    Trudeau on groping allegations: ‘I apologized in the moment’

    Between snapping selfies with steelworkers for Canada Day last Sunday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau came up against some uncomfortable questions.

    At an event for steel and aluminum workers at Regina in western Canada, a reporter asked Trudeau, 46, to address allegations that he had groped a young woman at a music festival in British Columbia 18 years ago.

    The self-described feminist, who has said he has “no tolerance” for sexual harassment, said he did not recall the event.

    “I remember that day in Creston well. It was an Avalanche Foundation event to support avalanche safety. I had a good day that day. I don’t remember any negative interactions that day at all,” he said, nodding and smiling to reporters.

    But on Thursday, he told reporters that he apologized to the woman in question “in the moment,” although he also said he is confident he “did not act inappropriately.”
    Ex-B.C. reporter behind Trudeau groping allegation speaks out, says apology came 1 day later

    A former newspaper reporter confirms Prime Minister Justin Trudeau apologized to her the day after what she says was an inappropriate encounter at a B.C. music festival almost two decades ago.

    Rose Knight also says she is the reporter that was referred to in an editorial 18 years ago in the Creston Valley Advance that said she was groped by Trudeau while covering the event.

    Ex-B.C. reporter behind Trudeau groping allegation speaks out, says apology came 1 day later
    Trudeau says zero tolerance on misconduct toward women applies to him as well

    Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says women who come forward with complaints of sexual assault and harassment must be supported and believed.

    And he’s confident no one will be able to accuse him of the kinds of behaviour that have brought down several high-profile politicians this week.

    “I’ve been very, very careful all my life to be thoughtful, to be respectful of people’s space and people’s headspace as well,” he told CBC Radio’s The House, in an interview airing Saturday.

    When asked if any of his past actions could be misconstrued, Trudeau said he didn’t think so.

    “This is something that I’m not new to. I’ve been working on issues around sexual assault for over 25 years.
    American man arrested for drink-driving says ‘he only drank at stop signs, not while he was driving’

    An American man who was arrested on suspicion of drink driving told police “I only drank at stop signs”.

    Earle Stevens, of Florida, said he only took sips of bourbon while he was waiting at stop signs and traffic signals, the Miami Herald reports.

    The 69-year-old was arrested on June 27 after a woman called to say Stevens bumped into the back of her car “over and over” at a McDonald’s drive-through.

    9 animals dead after jaguar escape at New Orleans zoo

    A jaguar that killed nine other animals during a weekend escape from its habitat at the Audubon Zoo is believed to have bitten through a steel-cable barrier that forms the roof of its habitat, the zoo’s managing director said Tuesday.

    Kyle Burks told reporters at a zoo news conference that the jaguar apparently slipped through the resulting small gap in the cables. He estimated the hole to be about 8 inches by 10 inches (20 centimetres by 25 centimetres).
    Too Weak to Open Jars and Carry Groceries? Woman Laments Quitting Gym Because of Trump Electoral Win

    I keep thinking there will come a point when the public realizes turning politics into a religion is not just unfruitful, but potentially personally devastating. Politics and politicians are fickle and will always fail you given the opportunity. But, we’re not there yet.

    Bridgid Delaney quit going to the gym when Trump won the 2016 election. The owner of the gym Delaney once frequented and Delaney entered into a pre-election bet, if Trump one, Delaney would have to pull 70kg on a “sled” machine. If Hillary won, the gym owner would have to pull double his personal best.

    The sled was the beginning of the end of Delaney’s gym career, at least for some time.

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