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    Quote Originally Posted by linung View Post
    what we need is someone who applied for a permit under wildlife protection, got denied, and got injured by wild life to sues the Government for like $100,000,000.00 for failure to offer protection as is the original reason for the denial.

    after that any one who apply for wildlife protection will just get automatically approved.
    sounds like a plan,,

    bear claws,, check,,

    deer antlers,, check,,

    skunk ass,, check,,

    how much hurt do you need?

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    A prerequisite for an ATC for wilderness/trapper is that you're gainfully employed (e.g more than 40% of your income) for the past 2 years doing it.

    So, for the first two years you have to lug around a non-restricted and bear spray.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Billythreefeathers View Post
    so if I was friends with Justin I could get one?

    Hmmm,,, nope,, not going to work
    What you won't sell your soul, do a self served lobotomy and dress up weird to be a friend of the Turd?
    Sorry no protection for you.

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