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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark-II View Post
    But, respectfully, Savage has been making guns for over 100 years, this particular action for decades, and cutting chambers in barrels for how long?

    They aren't a startup, new to serial manufacture, or have set up a new factory to make these

    Poor QC and using bad tooling is a choice.

    The same can be said for Remington and their "America's most popular" model 700

    I bought the Savage because it was one of the Very few rifles of this sort to be offered in left hand configuration, at a price I could justify as a lifetime purchase.
    so ,you really own a evo in 308?...mkay.

    sad because generally, hi ends savage are irreprochable ,great and accurate barrels (not remington crapp alike),assembly seems always over what the other mass production gun makers (think FTR,12 and 10BR,110 BA....) has to offer. (meaning wavy QC)

    i sure wouldn't put a dime on the ruger RPR.....bouerk!

    my only 3 choices are the tikka TX3 TAC 1, the evo,OR the 10ba ashbury......

    ahhummmm......anyone with experience with the TX3 TAC 1 lol?

    Quote Originally Posted by Mark-II View Post
    Ready for a short rant?

    I have one in .308

    This $2000 "factory blueprinted" rifle has such a burr/defect in the chamber that the bolt had to be hammered open and back to eject spent shells. A cursory visual inspection of the chamber, without using a borescope (I do not own one) reveals the defect as bold as the wrecked brass.

    Grech has now had this gun in their possession for longer than I have had, with no news on when I can expect it back, or whether it is getting the new barrel that I feel I deserve (I'm sure it won't be)

    Savage? Never again....unless it's a .22...and a cheap .22 at that.
    i'd like to know what will follow for you when the rifle will get back to you....

    edit: how was the accuracy?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Forbes/Hutton View Post
    I was hoping he would show up and do something useful in front of the cameras. Like beat the flames out with his face.
    Quote Originally Posted by Magi View Post
    This intellectual midget needs to rub the contents of a large tube of PREPARATION H® on his ego and then smack himself with the empty tube until he's in a permanent coma. !

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    Ironically I was searching out left handed models in 6.5 and this thread popped up in Google

    So far I'm pretty impressed. I don't have it quite dialed in but there are some promising loads that are closing in on ragged hole 5 shot groups.

    I'm using Starline brass, D4064 (bulk IMR), and Hornady 150 and 168 BTHP FMJ. The 168's seem to do better over all.

    Debating whether to buy a Savage 12FV when they come on sale and stick in in an Oryx chassis, buy a 10T Cabelas version (available in left hand) and stick it in an MDT, which would bring it up to the same price, roughly, as a 10 BA Stealth

    I think I'd look at a Tikka T3x Varmint and chassis before I'd consider another Stealth Evolution. If only because I love my .223 Tikka T3.
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