Nice to hear some successful outings. My year was a complete bust. I mangled my left hand pretty good in early August while replacing the floor and aluminum substructure in a used travel trailer I bought in July that was supposed to enhance my hunting outings . I'm not a proponent of crossbows but always made an exception for invalids, so since I unfortunately qualified and knowing that the injury precluded use of the vertical bow, I even bought a used crossbow.

Opening day of archery season at the back corner of my meager little 10 acre lot, I saw a bear, coyote, raccoon, rabbit and squirrels, so thought it would be a good season. However, that was it. Except for some nighttime trail cam pics of raccoons, coyotes and the occasional rabbit, it was a bust. Not overly surprising but disappointing.

I only hunted 3 days in the November rifle hunt up near Algonquin and it rained off and on all 3 days. More ATV's than animals.

I'm hoping to have more hand surgery early this year to make the left hand more useful and be healed up before the 2019 season arrives.