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Thread: Hunt Group SA?

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    Hunt Group SA?

    Anyone know anything about these Turk semi autos marketed by Hunt Group?

    I was just glancing at the SA6 as I was surfing around for a semi auto riot gun

    Other than Trigger Wholesales wholly inadequate marketing material, about all that I could deduce from the parts breakdown in the manual is that it appears to be a modification of a Remington 1100, or possibly Super-X type gas system.

    Can't seem to find any reports on the serviceability of the things.
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    I just purchased the XP3 (pump) and was surprised by it. Now I am actually thinking of the XS7 for the wife as it has the pistol grip and a shorter stock.
    What I like - they come with a complete choke kit and they also come with rear stock shims. Plus a two year warranty however on that note I really do not wish to find out. It also came with sling swivels. For me it shoulder easily and didn't seem to cant and compared to a Browning BPS I fondled at Cabelas or today when we also shot the Uncles 870.
    Today we put 50 rds out of the XP3 and with the more shooting the smoother it gets (it was pretty stiff out of the box). The hunting plug (limits to two) is easily removed and even easier reinstalled.
    What I didn't like was the weak finish on the forearm/hand grip, it almost seems "softer" than the rear stock plus a lot of the dust wasn't removed when the finish was applied. I also didn't like the narrow sling swivels (rear one is easy to replace but the forearm is part of the barrel retaining nut assembly)
    The SAs have a single shot option that will allow to unload and manually reload a single round (say you had slugs, a chicken popped up and you wish to engage with some bird shot).
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    "...for the wife..." Don't be buying stuff for your wife. It has to fit her, not you. Take her shopping.
    According to their site, Hunt Group is the manufacturer. Their semi's are quite possibly direct copies of Remington stuff. Remington had stuff made in Turkey under licence. They're relatively inexpensive shotguns with a lousy 1 year manufacturing defects warrantee. Any warrantee service needed requires you to send the thing to Turkey.
    The manuals are .pdf files here. Warrantee is at the bottom of the manual.

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    I’ve deduced about as much about them but don’t know anyone who actually has one.

    I’ve been looking at that Beretta 1301 Comp, but it’s both a bit much for a lark and I can’t seem to find a 21” model in country, only from irun...

    Not interested in anything longer. It’s that riot gun vibe that I love

    While the Remington system is solid, it’s also a bit of a turn off to see that O-ring action used in a clone.

    Now if I could find a short LEFT handed barrel for my 11-87, that might settle the itch
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    That might even be "inspired" by the Remington 58 since the recoil spring rides over the magazine tube rather than in the stock.

    Guess part of the low cost is from not spending money on a technical illustrator. Those pics in the manual are seriously lacking
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