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    ALERT - Owner of SVT-40 #438 in Alberta

    To whom it may concern:

    I bought bulk a lot of SVT-40's back in the day an with one batch I cleaned up an sold in Drayton Valley, AB area I mixed up the trigger group between two rifles.

    The one I currently have ejects while fires slightly causing a jam/stuck case. Noticed the number on the trigger group is 438 while my rifle say's A1973 so if you have a trigger group with that number (should be etched on to the bottom of the trigger guard), contact me an I can arrange a swap (at my expense) since these rifles were arsenal refitted. Yours should fire no problem but the thicker hammer will cause long term damage since it won't strike the face 100% on the money.

    The issue is there is "three" types/styles of trigger hammers and I'm sure I have "Type/style 3" an it requires "Type/style 2"

    Here is a picture to explain (style 2 is the middle - thick fat one)

    Hammer styles (all).jpg

    Anyone else can help spread the word around via coffee chat.

    Numrich sells these hammers to Canada but would be nice to find whoever bought it an not have to muck about trying to swap out the hammer.


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    PS - Just for fun cause someone asked

    What's the difference:

    The first style hammer was for the full auto version of the SVT-40, it was a light striking hammer so it could move fast
    The second style hammer was for WW2 semi-auto. Made to hit hard because primers were of poor consistency, an to ram the bolt forward when dirt, an ice got stuck in the action. These hammers were easier to make too.
    The third hammer was post-war. When ammo quality was improved and there was no need for a heavy hitting hammer. Rifles were considered obsolete an to be shipped to Commie allies that lived in warmer climates.

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