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    NcStar Scope Question

    Hey guys,

    I recently bought a NcStar: 3-9X42 Mark III Tactical GEN II/ P4 SNIPER from Marstar. Mostly for the price to be honest. I bought it for my M&P AR. I am taking it to the range tomorrow but I wanted to ask a general question.
    When this item gets shipped out should it have a battery in it already and should it be on? There was a battery in it and it was switched on. The battery was dead but I'm wondering if I got a used sight but paid retail price for it.

    Thanks for any input.

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    With NCStar they aren't the greatest of scopes. They might have put a battery in it to make sure the scope actually worked and forgot to turn it off before putting it back into the box.

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    yeah imho , nc star is better for airsoft , save your money and get something better .

    I bought one once out of boredom.........yeah..........not so good

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    Toss the battery and never put another in. Most of the Chinese illumination reticles are useless. Normally way too much glare and make the crossairs too thick. If I buy one, I never use the option. Probably went to test it, and forgot.

    Not happy with it, use your gutt and just return it. Their warranty is great.

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    Thank you guys. I just wanted something cheap. I have a BCL lower that I plan on building a target rifle with. The M&P is just a cheap toy. I just wanted to have something that had a little magnification but cheap.

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    I used to buy Airsoft scopes and red dots. The scope's turrets came loose from the recoil, and the adjustments were anybody's guess. The cheap red dot's internals rattled apart and stopped turning on. I went cheap and ended up with paper weights and a few wasted range trips.

    Save your money for something that's at least entry level. NCStar is not even that.

    I'd also be careful of some of Marstar's "generic" scope mounts, rings and bases....I'm pretty sure they're ordered and drop-shipped from the likes of Deal Extreme or Ali Express.
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    I once made the NCStar mistake. I compounded my mistake by getting it from Marstar. Never again. For either of them.

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