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    Quote Originally Posted by MarkR View Post
    While I agree that mini mags will run in just about everything, they always give me a bigger group than lower velocity ammo. Most recently yesterday; a couple weeks back I picked up an old Iver Johnston break action .22 revolver; looks almost like new (made between 1934-1941 judging by barrel profile). I think the original owner broke the firing pin dry firing and just put it away. I made a new pin, and yesterday went to the range with it.

    I started with blue-box federal bulk (not the greatest ammo) 10 shots from 10 yards from a bean-bag rest gave me a grouping of 1 7/6" X 1 9/6"; tried again at 20 yards from the bean-bags got 1 1/2" x 1 7/16". I then fired a 10 shot group with mini-mags from the same pistol at 20 yards; 3 3/16" x 3 1/2" .

    As mentioned above, the GSG conversion kit would only run on mini mags and stingers, and shot way poorer groups than the 1911 does.

    Why? My guess would be higher initial pressure, and barrels to short to utilize that pressure and stabilize the bullets. Good theory, but... Mini-mags also shot bigger groups through all of my rifles too, than do heavier, slower ammo. Mass = stability? Maybe.
    Well I find them fairly accurate. 3" is still a bulls eye at what I shoot. I shoot timed and cannot have any jams. Clearing jams, take up times. So like having reliable ammo.

    Federal bulks jams up my Ruger where never have issues with mini mags. Even had my Marlin jam up on Federals. Pretty much what I got other than mini mags. Is for my single shot.

    I had my GSG working on Rem golden bullets.

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    I've often heard to break .22's in with Mini Mags. What's it mean to "break in" a gun, and what does it matter if you use Mini Mags of Thunderbolts?

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    I can shoot a 5 round 1 inch group at 50 yards with cci mini mags and my 597.

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    Did mapleseed with minimags as I have lots on hand, although I did print tighter groups with std velocity stuff, I don't have a lot of it around.
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    I ran some SK standard this weekend. I don't think that it was statistically better than CCI in my rifles.

    One thing I hated about it is the cartridges are oiled, or have some sort of lube on them. Near impossible to load up a 10 round CZ mag with those mini greased pigs.

    And they smell funny...

    Why on earth are they greased? Easier to run through a straight pull rifle?
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    Quote Originally Posted by MarkR View Post
    Our go-to when I was a kid, was good old Canadian made "Imperial"; shorts, longs and long rifle through an old single-shot cooey! Man, that stuff would shoot (as I remember through the mists of time).
    There's still a few bricks of Imperial and Dominion stuff at the farm. Dad's friend ran a sporting goods business out of his house at one point. When he decided to call it quits in the early 80's the old man bought all the ammunition that he had guns for. There was always plenty of .22, .303, .270 and 12 gauge to go around. I shot box after box of them, the stash was big enough I never did make it all the way through before I moved out.
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    I have run CCI, Winchester, and Remington through my Henry. I can't tell the difference. They all shoot fine.
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    Using Federal auto match.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SwissArmyMan View Post
    Using Federal auto match.
    That's my go-to for my High Standard Pistol; but my rifles just don't like it.

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    Don’t the lead round nose have like a sealing wax lubricant on them for sealing during firing?

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