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    Quote Originally Posted by grc1 View Post
    I use Eley green in all my 22 rifles.
    I am not a spray and pray guy . I like to make every shot count.

    There are many things that effect accuracy in a 22. Most( I said most, not all ) 22s are rather generic today and so is most of the ammo used.
    But what happens when you change one part of generic. The answer improved accuracy.
    I have heard time and time again how accurate dad's old 22 was. And there is some truth to this. For example that old Cooey dad had could shoot the flies of a wall at 50 yards. And why not, after all, the bore on some of those old 22s is actully .002-.003 tighter than todays barrels. This was done for two reasons. The first was to compensate for crappy ammo and the second to give the rifle a bit more accuracy. Many target rifles ( european target rifles have under sized bores. Most notably is Valmit barrels)
    The second is that cheap Norinco JW ,what ever , has a target chamber. This gives it a bit more accuracy but also causes jamming.
    The list goes on and on.
    I never had jamming issues with my Norinco JW 15 with any ammo, but it sure does like Eley green. Puts them all in the same hole.

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    It was quite interesting at our fall cross-country shoot a week ago last Saturday, most are using high velocity ammo, with the attitude that more velocity is better, and are not fairing all that well with shot placement. Us old guys who take the time to bench-rest test a lot of different ammos with little or no concern for price per box have learned that various rifles shoot better with different ammo, and usually take home the top prizes every time. Even the same rifle, side by side may shoot better with different ammo than exactly the same make and model of rifle.

    Testing with a bench rest, indoors is good scientific method; it eliminates as many variables as possible, and outlines other deficiencies, such as trigger pull which you may or may not be able to fix. Once you have the rifle shooting as accuracy as you can with the ammo it likes, you can then do any fine sight adjustments to bring impact to the point of aim.

    After that, you can't blame the rifle, the sights, the ammo; it is all up to you. Do your part and the rifle will do it's job, every time!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark-II View Post
    I was fairly impressed with Blazers the other day. Or at least there wasn't enough of a difference to tell two targets apart over the course of 20 5 shot groups.

    Or maybe I'm just not that good.

    Either way I needed to bulk up an order to free shipping level someplace and they have the things on sale so I bought a few thousand...
    blazer is good stuff, I bought a few boxes back when the lgs had them for $19/brick when everyone was up to $30+

    The new pronature store in NB opening this month is supposed to have .22lr@ $9/Brick! Yes. $9/500rds for their grand opening.
    No idea what brand, but damn! I have never seen that price for a brick anywhere in my 10yrs of gunning.
    Was talking to the guy who owns it, hoping he would come to the PEI gun show, he's a really nice fellow.
    the wild still lingered in him and the wolf in him merely slept

    "It must be poor life that achieves freedom from fear" - Aldo Leopold

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    CCI Blazers in my semi autos seem to be the most accurate with hardly any feed jams. Anything works well in my model 75 Cooey and TOZ 17, the nod going more to the 75.
    It is a single cylinder, single stroke internal combustion engine with a small diameter disposable free floating piston.

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    I am looking forward to testing out a variety of ammo, and I'm already pretty certain I'll be leaning towards the Eley Sport, but I have the following to test:

    Eley Sport
    CCI Standard Velocity
    CCI Quiet
    CCI Mini Mags
    CCI Velocitor
    CCI Stinger
    Federal 525 Bulk

    That's the beginnings of my little stash, I use the Stingers and Velocitors when the goal is to put holes in things, etc... and the others for more accuracy based endeavors.

    Shooting these from a CZ 455 Canadian

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