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    Quote Originally Posted by SIR VEYOR View Post
    Gecko45 must be getting very excited over this. It’s not a briefcase, but it might be close enough for him.

    The tactical wheelbarrow guy is still unimpressed, I suspect...
    But will it take .338 rounds while his partner assembled the takedown rifle in his briefcase and returns fire?

    “If plan A is to take a .338 Lapua round in the back, WTF is plan B?” (Paraphrased)
    Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

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    I wish Gecko45 would reappear. He's an internet legend least come clean with us.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shootemup604 View Post
    I don't think the provincial laws regarding body armour would sustain a charter challenge. It's about a inoffensive an item as you can think of, and the charter protects the right to life - and body armour is clearly designed to protect life.
    I’ve had a Federal agency employee try and play 20 questions with me about one of my Level IV’s and plates. He was all sorts of “thought guy” or at least he tried to be....he got super pissed when I started chuckling and asking him if if was an equity hire representing the unemployable stupid.
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