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    Shot size for trap

    I understand the basic idea about the different shot sizes (7.5, 8,9 whatever) but I'm curious to hear people's opinions about why they use the size of shot they use?
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    7.5 or 8 I’ve never noticed a difference between the two.

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    Total shot weight is more important, I think. I always shoot as light of loads as I can find.

    I use #8 in 1oz loads, 2-3/4 dram eq.

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    #8, 1 ounce for 16 yard. #7.5, 1-1/8 ounce for handicap. Also use this combination for doubles: Light #8 for the first shot, heavy #7.5 for the second.

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    Shot placement is far more important than shot size. Anything from 7-1/2 to 8-1/2 will work on the 16 yard line. I personally prefer 7-1/2's in a premium shell for long range handicap. For subgauge skeet i like to reload hard 9's. The antimony used in hard vs chilled shot reduces the density over pure lead enough to get a few extra pellets in per given shot weght.

    My old 1100 trap gun loved 7-1/2's and would really hang smoke
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    I always used 7 1/2 for trap, and 9 for skeet. Worked well for me.

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